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Welcome to the Center for Advanced Transportation Technology (CATT) website. This website was developed to present an overview of the research being conducted at the CATT, and to provide you with useful information that has been developed from these activities. You will discover that the activities of the Center cover a diverse set of topics such as transportation performance measures, transportation system management and operations, data visualization, data fusion, systems engineering, project management, and interoperability of first responders. It also includes links to the websites of the programs contained within the Center including our extensive ITS distance learning program, where you can receive additional valuable information on these subjects. Whether you are a Faculty Researcher, a transportation official, or a student interested in the subject of advanced transportation technology, you are likely to discover information relevent to your interests. We welcome your visit to the website, and hope that you find it a valuable experience.

Thomas H. Jacobs,
Center Director

Who We Are

The Center for Advanced Transportation Technology (CATT) at the University of Maryland, College Park was created in order to respond to the significant changes brought about by increasing use of advanced technologies in the transportation field. A permanent staff of ITS professionals and affiliated faculty of the Department of Civil Engineering supports the CATT. All offer extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of ITS technology, traffic engineering and control, systems analysis, and operations research. CATT provides an organizational umbrella for five major initiatives including CapWIN, CATT Lab, CATTworks, CITE, MD T2 Center, and MATOC. This structure can be seen below.



Capital Wireless
Information Net


(CATT Lab)





Consortium for
ITS Training and
Education (CITE)


Technology Transfer Center
(MD T2 Center)


Metropolitan Area Transportation Operations Coordination (MATOC)


What We Do

The CATT provides a bridge between the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) community, the information technology community, and other disciplines essential to the successful application of ITS.

Our Mission

To foster the development and application of innovative approaches to existing and emerging transportation needs through research, education, and deployment assistance.

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