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Before any travel, please update us at so we create a Travel Approval Request. 

Travel Card Expenditures (Individual)

  • Details, Details, Details.
    • Purpose for business meals must be stated in extensive detail (e. g. projects discussed, future contributions to programs, etc)
  • 20% tip
    • Any higher and you may be asked to pay the difference.
  • The MAXIMUM Meal Cost is 2x the per diem rate/ person (average).   INCLUDING tip.
    • If you go above this, receipts are sent to the Dean for review, and you may be asked to pay the difference.
  • Itemized receipts must be provided.
    • If they don’t give you one, ask.
  • Purchases of alcoholic beverages are not allowed in any circumstance. 
  • When purchasing airfare, paying for premium/preferred seating or early access to boarding is not allowed.  


UMD Per Diem (current as of 4/2016)

Breakfast $9.00
Lunch $11.00
Dinner $25.00
Total (per diem) - including tax & tip $45.00


Travel Card Expenditures (Additional Rules for Groups)

  • All rules listed above apply.
  • Always have a list of attendees and their affiliations.
  • Approved business meal reasons:
    • Interview of applicant for employment.
    • Visiting scholars and faculty; distinguished guest speakers/lectures.
    • Business leaders outside of the University for the purpose of future contributions to programs.
    • Conferences, convocations, symposiums and other special events which are on behalf of or substantially involve non-UMCP personnel.
    • Employee awards/appreciation programs (cannot be a regular occurrence).
  • Unapproved business meal reasons:
    • Personal meals among University employees.
    • Routine meetings among University employees.
    • General discussion meals among employees.
    • Any social function (e. g. birthdays and holidays).


Additional Information

UMD Travel Guide -

UMD Policy on Travel (PDF) -